How to get around Rouen? 3 ways to discover Rouen

get around rouen

3 ways to get around Rouen

If you are located in the heart of the city, that is to say the right bank, know that you are in the perfect place to discover the historic districts without needing the metro or the bus.

The Rouen metro allows you to go through the station, the Place de l’Hotel de Ville but also to cross the Seine to go to the working-class districts.

There is also the tramway which allows you to cross the city from east to west either to visit the heights of Rouen or to go to Saint Mark’s Square to visit the market open on weekends.

You can also rent bicycles to visit the city. I recommend that you do it in the morning before 10 am and on weekends to avoid the cars and have almost the city to yourself. This will allow you to discover the city more quickly.

The tramway (métro) in Rouen

The Rouen tramway, known as the Rouen “metro”, is a tram network running on its own site.

The tram is made up of a 3-branch network operated as 2 lines, one of the branches of which constitutes the common core. It has 31 stations, including five underground on the common trunk, which earned it the controversial term “metro”.

The buses in Rouen

In addition to the 2 metro lines, the 3 TEOR lines and the 5 FAST lines, around thirty regular lines irrigate the territory. 

Finally, nearly 70 lines primarily intended for schools, aligned with the timetables of the establishments but open to all users, complete the service.

Cycling in Rouen

Cy’clic is a self-service bicycle device. It allows Rouennais and visitors to move around the city by bike freely, 7 days a week. 

Cy’clic is the freedom to circulate, to move, the freedom to visit the city at your own pace or to win time. 

The characteristics of Cy’clic: 

  • ease of use immediate 
  • access to service 
  • robust bikes suitable for all body types 
  • comfort of use in optimal safety conditions 
  • permanent monitoring of the bicycle fleet for optimized regulation 

Cy’clic in a few figures 

  • 250 bikes 
  • 531 terminal blocks (or attachment points) 
  • 26 stations 
  • 24 hour service 
  • The first half hour of use is free 

Cy’clic: How does it work? 

Taking a bike, very easy to use: all you have to do is go to one of the city’s stations, then present your subscription card (or payment card), and identify yourself with the confidential code and finally to take the chosen bike. 

To consult the prices and obtain a subscription card, do the procedure on 

It is also possible to use Cy’clic thanks to the Atoumod ‘card. 

This card is a unique transport ticket that will simplify your trips by allowing you to travel on the various partner networks in Upper Normandy. 

Find out more and take my card Drop-off at the station, a simple system Users can drop off the bike at any station in town (and not necessarily at the one where they rented the bike). 

A double beep and the green light on the attachment point terminates the rental. If you hear a long beep and the green light on the attachment point is not on, your bike is not properly engaged and the race is not over.

 You can also check the correct return of your bike on the terminal and thus print a return ticket. 

On, you can find out the number of bikes available station by station as well as the number of free terminals for drop-off. 

A service accessible to all For frequent uses, users have the option of subscribing (on the website or by mail) and thus benefiting from a long-term card. 

Occasional users and tourists can use their bank card. 

The annual subscription allows you to credit and consult your account online or at each reception terminal.

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