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La Couronne


The creation of the restaurant in 1345, under the reign of Philippe VI of Valois, is attested by the payment of an annuity of 62 sols, by Raoul Leprévos, to the owners of the premises, the Saint-Lô priory and the Community of Daughters-God.

On May 30, 1431, the restorer at the time, a certain Raoul Baudry, could see from the windows of the tavern, Place du Vieux-Marché, the torture of Joan of Arc.

But only the foundations of the building remain from this period. Thus its façade, with a timber frame designed by the architect André Robinne, dates from 19281. It is similar to that of 1525 thanks to the drawings in the Livre des Fontaines.

What we really like : We like to eat in a historic place with a decoration that will make you live a moment out of time.

Price : 30 – 80 euros

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La Couronne
31, place du Vieux-Marché, 76000 ROUEN
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