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Private Tour Rouen

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Why should you visit Rouen now?

You have planned to come and visit Rouen in the next few weeks or months and it is a very good idea.

This blog will allow you step-by-step to prepare your trip with all the information you need to better prepare your trip to Rouen and get to know this city of 1000 secrets better.

Do not hesitate to browse the blog to find all the information you need to prepare your trip as well as possible and to make your trip to Rouen an unforgettable memory.

5 reasons to visit Rouen in a few days:

  • Rediscover the story of Joan of Arc
  • Stroll through the streets in the footsteps of the Romans
  • Taste the culinary specialties of the city and its region, Normandy
  • Stroll through one of the most powerful cities of the Middle Ages with sumptuous architecture and history
  • Visit Rouen Cathedral


If you are planning to visit Rouen, you have come to the right place ! 

This will serve as a guide and a plan for your future vacation!

The capital of Normandy, Rouen, is a magnificent city that you absolutely must discover!

rouen - what to do in Rouen

Visiting Rouen for a weekend is mainly done on foot, but it is also possible to do it by car or even by bike for the more resistant to slopes!)

You will find on this blog addresses and advices that I give to my family and friends who visit me and who ask me “what to do in Rouen”.

I also give advice to find your hotel, your accommodation on Airbnb or via Booking in particular.

These are addresses and tips that I would have liked to have found on the internet when I arrived in Rouen in 1996.

There was unfortunately not much on the internet at the time, so I decided to create this blog to guide you and help you make the most of this incredible city.

This is why this website dedicated to Rouen aims to prepare your visit to make the best choices of restaurants, bars and activities.

Best time to visit Rouen

The city of Rouen is located in the northern part of France just 50 km from the coast of the English Channel. Due to its proximity to the Atlantic ocean, the city of Rouen is characterized by an Atlantic oceanic climate, with constant rainfall throughout most of the year.

The winters are cold and humid with average maximum temperatures that do not exceed 7 ° C, while the minimum winter averages are close to zero. The snow falls on average for 19 days a year, while the frost is present for 55 days in a year. Only in the summer months of July and August the average maximum temperatures exceed, even if only slightly, 22 ° C.

The Rouen area is characterized by a climate with constant rainfall throughout most of the year, with fairly cold winters, the city records an average of 133 rainy days per year, for a total annual rainfall of about 850 mm (average values for the years 1981-2010). The city of Rouen has an average of 17 thunderstorm days per year.

The best times to visit Rouen for ideal weather are May 28th to October 7th based on average temperature and humidity from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Read below for more weather and travel details.

Normally the temperature of Rouen is about 25°c during summer. In winter season the climate is not too cold and it hardly snows. As it is located near seaside, it regularly rains. It has slight humid climate in summer but not too dry.

  • Winter: The best time to visit this city as the climate will be mild. So you can enjoy in this season if you don’t want crowd around you. Though it is winter but you don’t have to bring heavy coats as the temperature will be about mid -40°c. 
  • Summer: Also a good time to visit. The average temperature during this season would be about 61°c or 64°c.

Average day and night temperature

The mean minimum and maximum temperatures over the year. Show in Fahrenheit.

temperature rouen

Other facts from our historical climate data:

  • Which is the warmest month in Rouen?
    August has an average maximum temperature of 23°C (73°F) and is the warmest month of the year.
  • Which is the coldest month in Rouen?
    The coldest month is January with an average maximum temperature of 6°C (43°F).
  • Which is the wettest month in Rouen?
    December tops the wettest month list with 91mm (3.6in) of rainfall.
  • Which is the driest month in Rouen?
    April is the driest month with 59mm (2.3in) of precipitation.
  • Which is the sunniest month in Rouen?
    June is the sunniest month with an average of 205 hours of sunshine.

Review about our Private Tour in Rouen

private tour rouen

Visit Rouen will be, I hope, one of your best trips and one of your best memories abroad.

Hi, I’m Ludovic, your guide of Rouen.

Some of you will even want to come and live in Rouen, and it is with pleasure that we will cross paths in the streets, bars and restaurants of Rouen or its district!

Have a nice stay everyone, I hope you will like my blog and my recommendations!

You want to visit Rouen during 2 days, 3 days or 4 days, do not hesitate to contact me.

Ludovic (Visit Rouen with me)

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Rouen is a famous place for food. Discover here the food to test in Rouen.

Totally. Rouen is safe city! Do not worry.

Yes, it is a easy question. But if you are not sure, it is Rouen !

Yes, it is and discover why Rouen worth visiting.

If you are not sure if you have to visit Rouen, discover our article: What is Rouen known for?

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Welcome to my blog about Rouen. My name is Julen am a guide in the Capital of Normandy.

Here you will find the best places, restaurants and things to do to have a good time in my city.