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What are the specialties of Rouen? (Food, beverages)

specialties of rouen

In this article, I will share with you the specialties of the city of Rouen and the Normandy region.

I divided this article into 3 parts. First the sweet specialties, then the salty ones and finally the beverages.

I will start with the most famous and emblematic specialty of Rouen, with what we call the tears of Joan of Arc.

What are the specialties of Rouen? (Sweet specialties)

The tears of Joan of Arc – Chocolate maker shop Auzou


The chocolate maker shop Auzou in Rouen honors one of the most emblematic characters in the history of Rouen : Joan of Arc. The tears of Joan of Arc are the best-seller of the city’s specialties.

Its oval shape gave its name to this roasted almond, caramelized and coated in dark chocolate. Its ganache covered with cocoa will delight all gourmets!

Where can I buy the tears of Joan of Arc ?

Chocolate maker shop Auzou
163 Rue du Gros Horloge, 76000 Rouen
Google Maps
+33 2 35 70 59 31

The pastries of Gilles Tournadre

Buckwheat shortbread, almond biscuit, apple compote, apple jelly, apple mousse

pommes gilles tournadre

Where can I buy the pastries of Gilles Tournadre ?

Gilles Tournadre
178 Rue Martainville, 76000 Rouen

White chocolate brioche by Christophe Cressent

Discover the white chocolate brioche.

White chocolate brioche by Christophe Cressent

Where can I buy the white chocolate brioche by Christophe Cressent ?

Christophe Cressent
6 place du Vieux Marché 76000 ROUEN

Apple sugar


Apple sugar is an orange-colored confectionery from Rouen in the shape of a stick of about ten centimeters. It is usually sold wrapped in white paper with gold decorations and writing. 

It’s a typical Rouen treat, hard as barley sugar and composed of apple, sugar and lemon, quite simply, “says Anne Héloin, owner of a confectionery in the historic center. Another house specialty: apple paste, a traditional fruit paste. 

A typical Rouen confectionery, apple sugar is made in an artisanal way from sugar, compote and apple juice. The dough obtained after baking is rolled by hand before being wrapped in gold and white paper.

Where can I buy the Apple sugar ?

Rouen Tourisme
25 Pl. de la Cathédrale, 76000 Rouen

Big Clock cobblestone

Savor one of the most emblematic of Rouen not with your eyes but your taste buds. This milk or dark chocolate, candied with apple and flavored with Calvados, will leave you with a little taste of Normandy.

Cadran du Gros Horloge

Cobblestone of the old market


Small pavé of praline and nougatine, this candy coated with dark chocolate takes its name from the famous Place du Vieux-Marché in Rouen, where Joan of Arc was burned in 1431.

Magdala shortbread cookies

Magdala madeleine

Small shortbread pucks made with a pinch of prayer, Magdala biscuits are born from the know-how of the sisters of the Benedictine monastery. Traditionally made, these cookies are available in a wide range of shortbread pucks made with pure Norman butter. Delicacies, to fish… of gluttony.


Sale of small cakes made by the Benedictine sisters.

14, rue bourg l’abbé

Tél : 02 35 71 92 60

@ :


Further information :

Boutique open every day from 10:15 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. and from 2:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. Free entry.

The pass-crassane

Passe_crassane - rouen

Originally from Rouen, the passe-crassane is a magnificent pear, mafflue and more or less elongated, sometimes irregularly curved, recognizable by its tail coated in red wax. Its yellow and marbled skin protects a sweet, grainy and juicy flesh, which makes it one of the favorite fruits of French consumers.

This large winter pear is harvested in orchards in Normandy and many other regions of France in October-November and is marketed from December to April. The red wax plug placed at the end of its peduncle was intended to slow down ripening.

This technique, outdated in view of modern conservation means, nevertheless serves as a distinctive sign. Inexpensive and very well preserved, it is best enjoyed, very ripe, at the end of a meal. A little history This variety of pear, resulting from a cross with a quince, was created in 1855, in Rouen, by the nurseryman Louis Boisbunel.

Sensitive to fire blight (an untreatable and extremely contagious disease), its reproduction in France is prohibited, only fruits from existing trees can continue to be marketed.

However, angelys, a new variety developed by INRA, appears to be able to replace it.

Aguignettes for Christmas and New Year

aguignettes-du-Nouvel-An (1)

In Normandy, December is synonymous with sweets and sweets.

These typically Norman small cakes, in puff pastry, filled with almonds or apples, golden and crisp, in addition to perpetuating a tradition dating back to time immemorial, each year delight young and old, throughout the fortnight that covers the Christmas and New Year period.

If aguignettes were once made exclusively from puff pastry, nowadays they are mostly used with a filling made from apples or powdered almonds.

Here are the bakeries where you can find the specialties:

Boulangerie Avenet, 45 rue Armand Carrel à Rouen.

    Boulangerie Meier – rue Jeanne d’Arc à Rouen.

    Boulangerie Osmont – 12 rue Jean Macé au Petit Quevilly.

    Boulangerie Potel – 116 rue de Martainville à Rouen.

    Boulangerie Rouas – 39 rue Armand Carrel à Rouen.

    Boulangerie Bastien – Place de la Pucelle à Rouen.

    La grignotière – 102 rue Ganterie à Rouen.

    La Tarte à Papa – Place du Vieux Marché à Rouen.

    Le Fournil – 63 rue Saint-Gervais à Rouen.

    Le Fournil de la Croix de Pierre – 157 rue Saint-Hilaire à Rouen.

Rouen 1431

CHOCOLAT 1431 rouen

With this Ô capital letter which opens wide the mouth of delicacies, the Choc Ô lat house offers both amateurs and connoisseurs of delicious artisanal products.

We go home, we discover … The tasting ceremony has already started. Sight, smell, hearing and touch, all exert a real pleasure on the person who consumes them, allowing them to appreciate the texture, smell, intensity and taste of each of the products.

Entirely handmade in the on-site workshop, Choc Ô-creations are guaranteed without additives or artificial preservatives, or flavor enhancers which does not prevent either the rounded or the shine, while the colors and aromas are 100 % natural.

At Choc Ô lat there are more than forty products, from the most classic to the most fashionable, including a range of sugar-free chocolates suitable for diabetics.

In the shop, gourmets will also find: – The specialty, the famous “ROUEN 1431”, a tender nougatine formerly coated with 72% Caribbean chocolate; – Trendy macaroons (Matcha tea, coated in chocolate and many others) …

During the year, Choc Ô lat launches new products and each spring the house brings out its ice creams. Authentic products to discover …

Rouennaise duckling

The Rouennaise duckling is the essential dish during your stay in Rouen. Also called blood duck. This recipe was inspired by Father Denise, a former innkeeper at Duclair.

If you go to Gill Restaurant, you will have the chance to see your duckling fully prepared in front of your eyes by a Duckmaster.

For the record, there is even an order of duckers, an association which aims to keep the culinary traditions of Rouen. There are two categories of people: Master Canardiers and Gentlemen.

The first are professionals who serve the duckling in their establishment. And the second are those who enjoy the recipe and share the same goals as those of the association.

What are the specialties of Rouen savory?

Rouen-style duckling also called duck au sang

The duck au sang (also known as duck au sang, duck à la presse, duck in a hurry, duckling in the press or duck à la rouennaise or duck à la rouennaise) is a traditional French dish.

A culinary specialty from Rouen, its recipe is attributed to an innkeeper from Duclair, called Father Denise1, who used Duclair’s duck.

The dish is composed of various parts of a duck, served with a sauce made from its blood and bone marrow, extracted by means of a press, called “duck”. The duck au sang is sometimes considered “the height of elegance”.

Rouen-style pigeon


Chef and owner of the “Gill” restaurant in Rouen, Gilles Tournadre has cultivated Normandy culinary excellence for over twenty years.

Grilled seeds made in Normandy

Rather than peanuts grown on the other side of the world, Arnaud Crétot offers his seeds roasted using solar energy, produced locally, with apple cider vinegar and brewer’s yeast. They can be found in small shops, including the Marché du Robec. NeoLoco aperitif seeds, € 4.55 per 120 g sachet.

What are the specialties of Rouen to drink?

The Ponpon 

An old artisanal factory, the Ponpon cider house sells its bubbles in Darnétal, at the gates of Rouen.

His best-seller: a raw product, without additives, which can be bought in his shop, in organic stores and in downtown stores. “Our organic apples come from Seine-Maritime, sometimes from the Eure,” says François Pontreué, grandson of the founder of this family business. Raw cider, € 3 for 75 cl

Le Coq Toqué !

At Le Coq Toqué !, we concoct pretty organic juices, nectars and ciders, all of French origin. Our collection is a subtle combination of fruits, flowers, infusions of aromatic plants and exotic spices.

Alone, with friends or family, share gourmet moments throughout the day. The recipes, developed by Jean-Marie and Timothée, are not lacking in daring.

Combining apple with spearmint, basil, rose or even morello cherry turns out to be a winning bet. In each combination, they seek a gourmet balance and new flavors to make you discover the apple as you have never drunk it!


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