What to do in Rouen, France ?

to do in rouen

Is Rouen worth it?

It is a question a bit harsh, especially when you have lived in Rouen for years! Lol


I know you want a quick answer so here are 5 reasons why you should come to Rouen:


  1. Joan of Arc died in Rouen. Come and discover the place where she was burned and also why by booking our private tour of Rouen;
  2. You are greedy ? We have culinary specialties in Rouen and Normandy. Chocolates, brioches, beer or cider. Something to satisfy everyone! (even you!);
  3. The city of Rouen is built on the Roman model. Come discover the clues in the city and understand how the city was built;
  4. In France, Rouen is the first city with a pedestrian street. Come and discover it and above all discover the secrets of the city center by walking;
  5. It’s an hour from Paris by train. If you come to visit Paris, you can spend a day in Rouen, which could even take you to Honfleur. No more excuses for not coming to visit the Norman capital.

Is Rouen worth a visit? I hope you are convinced now.


PS : I have one last point for you. Rouen is a bit like Paris without the Parisians, enough to get some fresh air if you have suffered from crowds in the capital and if you are looking for a quieter city where the welcome will be warmer. (This is a bit of humor …)

What’s Rouen is famous?

Rouen is known mainly for 3 reasons:


  1. Now you know it but I repeat it to you, Joan of Arc was burnt in Rouen. The exact location is still visible in Rouen;
  2. Rouen has one of the oldest and most beautiful cathedrals in the world. Yes it sounds crazy but not that much when you know that in the Middle Ages, Rouen was the second most economically powerful city in France. She is also famous with the paintings of Monet.
  3. Rouen is famous with its armada which is a free party every 4 years where it is possible to visit the boats for free.


PS: Rouen is known for a lot more things but I had to make a choice (which was not easy) but I hope that the three reasons I have chosen have really convinced you to visit Rouen.

What is special about Rouen?

What is special about Rouen is its particularly unique history. 

Imagine, that Rouen is built from the Roman cross, that it was invaded by the Vikings, that Joan of Arc was burned here and that this city was the 2nd most powerful city economically in the Middle Ages, this which explains the height of its Cathedral and also the majestic Parliament of Normandy.

It is therefore a city with a rich past that you will visit and which will take you through the centuries. Now you understand better why Rouen is such a rich and special city.

Is Rouen a good day trip from Paris?

If I said no, it would be lying, especially since I am a private guide in Rouen.


Yes, visiting Rouen is a great idea because you will discover another part of France with the Norman capital.


The city of Rouen is rich in its history which mixes the Romans, the Vikings, the Normans (of course), the English and the French. 


In addition, its location on the banks of the Seine, will allow you to take beautiful walks and have a drink next to the river that leads to Paris.

How do I get from Paris to Rouen?

There are three ways to come to Rouen from Paris:

  1. By train, leaving from Gare Saint Lazare in Paris 
  2. By bus, leaving from Porte Maillot
  3. By car, taking the A13.

If you are looking for the details, I invite you to read our article which will explain to you step by step how to come to Rouen.

What to do in Rouen in two days?

Two days are sufficient to visit Rouen. 

Yes, because the city center is small and especially enough to know about Norman gastronomy and discover the history of the city of Rouen.

Here is a simple program to make the most of Rouen:

Day 1 

Take a tour of downtown Rouen by visiting Rouen Cathedral, Gros-Horloge, Place du Vieux Marché and Place of “l’Hôtel de Ville”.

Take a break with one of our favorite restaurants in Rouen, I invite you to discover our list and choose according to your budget.

Is there a little sun? Perfect, it’s the perfect time to go for a walk along the Seine on the right bank, you will discover other points of view to take photos and also cafes to have a coffee on the terrace with why not a French patisserie.

For the evening, return to the center to find a restaurant and taste Norman specialties. Follow our guide with his opinions to find the restaurant in Rouen that you need.

Day 2

Take advantage of this second day to experience a little French-style. Go in the morning to a fruit and vegetable market to feel a little the atmosphere and why not buy local products to support the producers and test excellent quality products.

Check out the Place Saint-Marc market side where you will find a covered market if the weather is rainy, which can happen in Rouen.

For lunch, we invite you to look for unusual restaurants in Rouen, here you can find our list of restaurants that we have tested and commented on to get feedback and find the right restaurant.

To end this second day of vacation in Rouen, we invite you to go to the place du Lieutenant Aubert then take the rue Eau de Robec to stroll in this pedestrian street and stroll one last time in the streets of Rouen before returning to your hotel or apartment. You can always enjoy a nightcap on the terrace if you feel like it and if the weather allows it.


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