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Rouen Armada 2023

New sailboats, famous sponsor… The secrets of the next Rouen Armada 2023, from June 8 to 18, have been revealed: Michel Bussi will be the sponsor, and exceptional boats could (re)appear.

The next edition of the Armada will also focus on culture, and it is no coincidence that the Norman writer Michel Bussi has been appointed official sponsor.

The one who is also a geography teacher already has ideas.

“Perhaps we can use the Armada to do something very festive, for example around the great adventures that were born in Rouen, to remind us that from Rouen boats have left which have discovered the whole world”.

The Norman writer also dreams of taking advantage of the 2023 edition to film the adaptation of his novel “Mourir sur Seine”, whose story takes place precisely during the 2008 edition.

The new organizing team of the event hopes also bring back the darlings of the public, the Russian sailboat Mir, the Mexican Cuauhtémoc and the Italian sailing school Amerigo Vespucci, which we have not seen on the quays of Rouen for 10 years.


Here is the official website of Armada 2023.

The list of 30 boats confirmed at Armada 2023:

All boats will be open and free to visit from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., every day.

Here is, in alphabetical order, the list of ships that have already confirmed their participation (source Armada Rouen 2023) :

  • l’Atlantis (NL),
  • le Belem (FR),
  • l’Etoile du Roy (FR),
  • l’Etoile Molène (FR),
  • le Français (FR),
  • le Marité (FR),
  • le Morgenster (NL),
  • le Santa Maria Manuela (POR),
  • le Tenacious (UK),
  • le Thalassa (NL),
  • la Recouvrance (FR),
  • le Statsraad Lehmkuhl (NO),
  • le Shtandart (RU – UA),
  • le Nao Victoria (ES),
  • l’Atyla (ES),
  • le Pascual Flores (ES),
  • El Galeòn (FR),
  • le Dar Mlodziezy (POL),
  • le Tolkien (NL),
  • le Ring Andersen (FR),
  • l’Hydrograaf (NL),
  • le Vera Cruz (POR),
  • le Göteborg (SE),
  • le Crocus (BE),
  • le Narcis (BE),
  • le Normandie (FR),
  • le Jacques Oudart Fourmentin (FR),
  • le Cuauhtemoc (MX),
  • l’Urania

Atlantis (Netherlands) :
First lightship and cargo ship, it was transformed into a cruising sailboat in 1984. It has a large number of luxurious cabins, and a deck area that lends itself to reception.

The Atyla (Vanuatu) :
Ship built in 1984 by a Spaniard whose project was to build a schooner in the traditional way, according to 19th century plans. Operated today by a foundation that offers eco-responsible cruises in connection with nature, aimed at young people to raise awareness about the protection of the oceans and the planet. With a Spanish crew, she flies the Vanuatu flag.

vatyla armada 2023

Le Belém (France) :
This training ship is emblematic of maritime gatherings. In just over 100 years, he has already lived 5 lives and changed nationality 3 times. She was in turn a merchant ship under the French flag, a luxury English yacht, then an Italian training ship before returning to her French flag today.

Dar Mlodziezy (Poland) :
This Polish Navy training ship, built in 1981 in the Gdansk shipyards and whose name means “Gift of Youth”, has a square stern, decorated with hunting and galleon ports.

A mixture of tradition and modernity, 109 meters long, which carries more than 130 cadets and can spin up to 16 knots under sail. He was present for the press conference

The Star of Roy (France) :
Replica of a privateer frigate from 1745. A real movie star, this boat has hosted numerous film shoots and the famous British television series Hornblower.

Etoile Molene (France) :
Iconic French flag of Saint-Malo. This Dundee tuna boat was originally built for tuna fishing in the Bay of Biscay and trawling in the Irish Sea.

French (France) :
This ship, named after Commander Charcot, a famous polar explorer from the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th century, housed The School of the Poles.

Le Marité (France) :
The oldest wooden tall ship in the French fleet and the last tricolor terra-neuva. It will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023. It has thirteen sails and three masts weighing one ton, surmounted by an eleven-meter jib mast

The Morgenster (Netherlands) :
Steel-hulled ship built in 1919 and equipped for fishing. Since its major restoration in 2008, it has been dedicated to educational sailing activities.

The Santa Maria Manuela (Portugal) :
First equipped for fishing, this ship was part of the White Fleet, these 3 large Portuguese sailing ships of the 1930s, dedicated to cod fishing. Painted white, it was thus identifiable and was preserved from German attacks according to an agreement between belligerents during the Second World War.

The Tenacious (Ukrainia):
Belonging to an English foundation, this ship is dedicated to helping people with disabilities sail. Its specific arrangements to accommodate many forms of disability (blindness, deafness, mobility, etc.) make it an exceptional and unique boat in the world. It is one of the largest sailing wooden sailing ships.

Thalassa (Netherlands) :
This relatively recent vessel was originally dedicated to fishing. It has been transformed into a cruising sailboat with very comfortable interiors, a pub atmosphere, between leather and varnish.

La Recouvrance (France) :
The ship-ambassador of the city of Brest, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2022. This replica of an early 19th century sloop flies the French flag.

The Statsraad Lehmkuhl (Norwich) :
This three-masted boat will just return in June 2023 from a two-year “One Ocean expedition” mission, as part of the “Decade of Ocean science for sustainable development” program.

During the press conference, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, the Mayor of Rouen highlighted the joyful and popular side of this completely free event, including visits from all ships, an event that illustrates the links between the world of sea ​​and that of the Seine valley.

fregate normandie rouen armada

Concerts, boat tours, free entertainment

Entirely free, the Rouen Armada is much more than a large gathering of galleons, schooners, sailing schools or warships. Thanks to a program of activities and entertainment, this event becomes exceptional.

The great mess, the mass and the jogging of the sailors

The big mess and its UFOs, the sailors’ mass on Sunday, jogging in Rouen, the big parade for a last goodbye…, a colorful program that will make you experience an Armada like you’ve never seen it before.

The sailors will welcome you every day along the quays to discover their sailboats steeped in history. You can board tourist boats that will take you along the Seine. On the occasion of cruises, lunches or dinners or during fireworks, you can admire the ships from the river.

On the program, every evening free entertainment on the right bank and left bank quays. Concerts, fireworks and the Grand Parade with the passage of the Patrouille de France will make you experience magical moments on the quays of the Seine in Rouen.

A Paris-Rouen by bike

One week after International Bicycle Day (June 3), hundreds of cyclists will leave the Eiffel Tower to go to the Rouen Armada, joined along the route between Paris and Rouen, by all cycling enthusiasts … and boats!


Are you looking a Private Tour in Rouen ?

Discovery of Rouen and the Seine Valley

Become privileged passengers by experiencing the Armada aboard a boat! Cruises on the Seine are available to you: you can have lunch or dinner while strolling among the largest boats in the world… This gastronomic tasting in a dream setting promises a romantic moment!

Need privacy with family or friends? Opt for boat rental and be free to sail wherever you want, from Île Lacroix to the port of Rouen.

Take advantage of your visit to the Normandy region to discover Rouen. The legacy of Claude Monet, Gustave Flaubert, Pierre Corneille awaits you in the Museum of Fine Arts or other cultural places in the city. Also discover the charming villages of the bends of the Seine such as La Bouille or Jumièges. Travel from the historic center of “the city of a hundred steeples”, its half-timbered houses and flamboyant Gothic architecture, to the Seine estuary, passing through little corners of paradise located on the banks of the Seine.

The 2023 Armada will take place in Rouen from June 8 to 18.

The 2023 Armada will take place in Rouen in Normandy.

Yes, the boat tour is free.


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