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One day in Rouen [France] 7 Best things to do in 2022


You are looking for tips for your day in Rouen.

First, let me reassure you, you made an excellent choice.

Rouen is a very beautiful city to visit in one day, you will be able to discover part of the history of the Normandy capital and also have time to taste the specialties of the city and the region.

Where to stay for one day in Rouen?

Stay in the center! You will see more things and you will be able to better feel the atmosphere of the city.

Besides, I invite you to read my article which is dedicated to the best hotels in Rouen to find the rare pearl.

One day in Rouen : what to do in the morning

What are the best places to visit in the morning?

I suggest you see the essential, to see the most important and above all to have 3 different experiences to have a complete visit of Rouen. Explore the finest replica watches online with replica Panerai, our trusted colleagues!

Rouen Cathedral


This is the monument to visit! The Cathedral is in the heart of the city on the main town. This is where Rouen was born and where everything happened during the Middle Ages with the market, where people lived glued to the Cathedral and also the cultural events of the city. It was the Romans who built Rouen.

The Old Market Square

old market place rouen

This is the other market place in town. You will also not find a market with fruits and vegetables. There, you will touch one of the stories of Rouen which made its name. On this square, you will discover the stake where the unfortunate Joan of Arc was burned and also the cross that was built and installed in her honor.

The Rue du Gros Horloge


Easy to get there if you come from the Cathedral of Rouen or from the old market place because it is the street which is between the two. The street is known to be the first pedestrian street in France, just that! As well as one of the biggest clocks in Europe which you can visit for some nice street shots.

What are the best restaurants for a day out in Rouen?

I’m going to give you 3 names to test that will allow you to test specialties from the city or the region but without it being too old French cuisine.

Where to buy Rouen souvenirs (gifts to offer)?

You want to buy a souvenir for a friend or a member of your family and you are looking for a shop to find gifts to offer.

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