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8 best point of view in Rouen

The Seine valley and Rouen (Seine-Maritime) offer, thanks to the surrounding plateaus, superb panoramas and view of Rouen. Some are well known, others less so.

point of view of rouen

Having a view of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) and its historic center is not complicated, as the Sainte-Catherine coast offers a complete view of both sides of the city. But other panoramas, more or less frequented, offer just as beautiful panoramas… and allow you to see the city differently!

My 8 best point of view in Rouen

  1. From the Sainte-Catherine coast, in Rouen

    coast saint catherine rouen

    From the top of its 140 meters, the Sainte-Catherine hill allows you to observe the city of a hundred steeples, its two banks, the Seine and its bridges. Located to the east of Rouen, the Sainte-Catherine hill is an unmissable place to be able to admire the whole city day and night.

    Once you have arrived at the top of Sainte-Catherine hill, you will be able to see three reading tables, to the north, west and south, explaining to you the different monuments and places in front of you such as the Notre-Dame cathedral, the churches of the city, the Charles Nicolle hospital, the six bridges, the tower of the Archives…

    This panorama has seduced many artists such as Claude Monet who painted his “General View of Rouen” there, a painting that you can find at the city’s Museum of Fine Arts.

    In addition to being an excellent unmissable photo spot for photographers, the Sainte-Catherine hill is also an ideal place to rest in a quiet, green place. Take the opportunity to read a book, have a picnic or simply relax and admire the landscape.

    Athletes will also find their interest in the Sainte-Catherine hill: many hikers face the 525 steps that connect the panorama of the Sainte-Catherine hill to the foot of it.

    sainte catherine rouen moutain

    At sunset, the Sainte-Catherine hill is transformed into a true romantic place where all lovers can watch hand in hand the warm colors of the sky invade the city.

    By walk

    From the cathedral square, it takes 1.5 km to reach the bottom of the stairs leading to the Sainte-Catherine hill.
    Go along the Cathedral on the left by taking the rue Saint-Romain. Cross the rue de la République then take the rue Martainville located to the left of the Saint-Maclou church.
    Cross the Voie du TEOR, Place du Canada and continue straight on Rue du Faubourg Martainville. Take the rue de Mont Gargan, pass under the expressway then climb the steps visible on your right.

    By bus

    From the “Hôtel de Ville” stop:
    A direct line to the view from Sainte-Catherine Hill:
    Take bus no. 13 towards Belbeuf and Boos. Get off at the “La Corniche” stop.
    The journey takes about twenty minutes and it takes 15 minutes on foot to access the panorama by walking along the secure development on your left.
    A second line drops you off at the bottom of the hill, at the foot of the 525 steps:
    Take bus no. 20 towards Saint-Léger-du-Bourg-Denis.
    Get off at the “Cimetière du Mont Gargan” stop. The journey is approximately 8 minutes.
    Once you get off at the stop, retrace your steps to reach the foot of the steps.

    From the “Théâtre des arts” stop:
    Take line F5 (faster route and more frequent crossings) in the direction of the Lycée Galilée.
    Get off at the “Haut de la côte” stop (around 6 minutes). Cross the lane towards the Post Office. Take rue de la Corniche on your left and continue straight. You will have to walk 20 minutes to reach the panorama by following the secure development on your left.

    By car

    Join the right bank quays towards Bonsecours (76240).

    Two parking places are possible: – At the bottom of the hill, rue Henri Rivière, near the entrance to the cemetery.

    GPS coordinates: N 49° 26’ 10″ E 1° 6’ 34.6″ – Directly at the panorama of the Sainte-Catherine hill, route de la Corniche, Bonsecours. GPS coordinates: N 49° 26’ 1.7″ E 1° 6’ 36.4″

  2. From the Monumental coast, in Rouen

    côte Monumental rouen

  3. From the University of Mont-Saint-Aignan

    Well known to students at the University of Rouen, the panorama located at the top of the Allée du Fond du Val offers a wide view of both banks of Rouen.

    mont saint aignan panorama

  4. From the Archives Tower, in Rouen

    tour des archives rouen
    From the 1950s, a project to build an administrative center including the departmental archives was envisaged. The Archives Tower was thus inaugurated in 1965.

    This building houses 37 linear km of documents spread over 27 floors. With its 89 meters in height (104 meters with the antenna) the building is the 2nd highest point in Rouen after the cathedral.

    Access to the Archives Tower is highly regulated because the building is not intended to accommodate the public beyond the fourth floor. At the top of its 90 meters, a terrace offers a panoramic view of the whole city.

  5. From Place Gustave-Prat, in Canteleu

    Overlooking the port of Rouen, the Rolet peninsula and the Flaubert bridge, this square located at the top of the Canteleu coast will provide an ideal vantage point for the Armada. There is also a detailed explanatory panel on the history of the castle and the church adjoining this panorama.

    Place Gustave-Prat Canteleu

  6. From the Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours Basilica

    Basilique notre dame de Bonsecours

    The Basilique Notre-Dame de Bonsecours (Basilica of Our Lady of Refuge) is a Gothic Revival basilica in Bonsecours near Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France. It is the first church in France to be built in the Gothic Revival style. The church is richly decorated, with the windows, sculptures and other elements often carrying the name or coat of arms of a donor.

  7. From the avenue de la Grand-Mare, in Rouen

    Between the avenue de la Grand Mare and the Hauts de Rouen, the woods offer pleasant walks. On the hillside, there are also benches from which you have a panoramic view of Rouen.
    avenue de la Grand-Mare, à Rouen

  8. From Notre-Dame Cathedral in Rouen

    Climbing to the top of Rouen Cathedral without breaking the law is a privilege rarely granted. From Rouen’s tallest monument – which was the tallest in the world between 1876 and 1880 – you will have a 360° view of the city, the Seine and the plateaux.
    depuis la cathédrale Notre-Dame, à Rouen

I hope this article helps you to find the best point of view in Rouen.

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