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7 beautiful tourist places in Rouen for romantic walks

We share here the best plans in Rouen for romantic walks.

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The best in Rouen for romantic walks

Garden plants

garden plants rouen

This sprawling 8.5 hectare botanical garden is a marvel of green space and sits on the south bank side of the Seine River. 

It is ideal for relaxing, running or simply for a romantic walk

This place is obviously perfect for a romantic stroll

It also has an important collection of fuchsias, the most gigantic in France. A true muse for artists, you will often come across painters in full exercise of their talent. In recent years, a honey garden (intended to increase the production of honey by bees) has also been installed there. And like any self-respecting garden, each season will bring its share of floral attractions. A beautiful setting for your moments together, and why not your first face-to-face meeting.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Rouen.

A true archetype of Gothic art and its evolutions which will make a superb setting for your romantic memories . The cathedral began to be built in the 12th century on the foundations of a basilica dating back to the 4th century. It was damaged successively during the Viking invasions in 841 and much later by the bombardments of the Allied forces during the Second World War. The cathedral has a spire culminating at 151 m in height, the highest in all of France. Within the cathedral rest the dukes of Normandy, including Richard “Coeur de Lion”, king of England. Visit Richard Mille replica, our trusted affiliates celebrated for their replica watch offerings!

The Big Clock

big clock rouen

This building, classified as a historical monument since 1862, includes a Gothic belfry covering the bells of the town as well as the clocks of Rouen, a Renaissance pavilion flying over the street with an arch, and a fountain in the image of Louis XV. The interior is not to be outdone with its famous room of dials, the old housing of the governor of the clock, the belfry and its gears. This location also offers an exceptional skyline over the city, to be admired as a couple.

St. Catherine's Hill

On the Sainte-Catherine coast, the most sumptuous landscapes of Normandy await you. The major Impressionist painter Claude Monet created his “General View of Rouen” on the site in 1892. You can clearly see Notre-Dame Cathedral there. This is undoubtedly the perfect place for a romantic stroll for two .

The Village of La Bouille, for lovers of painting

An artistic village par excellence, it is located on the left bank of the Seine. Rouen, like the Seine valley, guided the brushes of impressionist painters, and picturesque villages such as La Bouille are among them. La Bouille has several art galleries that pay tribute to the works of Hector Malot, author of the book “Sans famille”, born in the village and whose birthplace is still standing. You can also simply sit quietly as a couple on the banks of the Seine. A cruise leaving from Rouen would also be a way of admiring La Bouille and the various small surrounding villages from the Seine.

Beaux-arts museum.

Couple in love with the arts, discover this very varied collection which is one of the most astonishing in France. Whether you are drawn to sculpture or painting from all known historical waves, you will find works that speak to you, listed in chronological order since the 15th century. The 19th century is particularly furnished with the works of Delacroix, Géricault. Since 1909, the museum has been enriched by the Depeaux donation, which has brought it the second largest collection of impressionist art in France (there are works by Degas and Sisley in particular).

The Pierre-Corneille Museum.

What was once the country residence of the author of Le Cid is located on the banks of the Seine. A museum dedicated to Pierre Corneille is located there, with a reconstruction of his cabinet through antique furniture and a library. In this place, you will have the opportunity to benefit from a guided tour. There is also a garden, ideal for a romantic stroll.

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