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7 activities to do in Rouen with kids

Rouen with kids

You don’t know what to do in Rouen with kids ? In this article, I will share with you the 7 best activities to do to entertain your children.  

Best things to do in Rouen with kids

Escape 423 : The guardians of time

Escape 423 – Les Gardiens du Temps is a one-of-a-kind live escape game: scenarios inspired by legends and stories, very immersive settings and zero padlocks!

During this life-size escape game, you will travel through the corridors of time and your mission will be to put a relic of the past in its place in order to preserve history.

To succeed, you will have to use observation, reflection, team spirit and finally cohesion to be able to understand and relate all the clues and thus solve all the puzzles.

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Get Out

get out rouen with kids

A strange family. A centuries-old mansion. An intriguing hallway. And doors.

Doors like so many passages through time and eras.
Doors behind which riddles, conspiracies or even mysteries are woven.

Right here, in Rouen France, rue Jacques Lelieur. You saw it but you didn’t watch it.

And you.

You and 60 minutes that will tick away tirelessly.
60 minutes to investigate, discover the truth, experience a completely new escape game.

And above all 60 minutes after which only one question will find its answer

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Docks Laser in Rouen

docks laser with kids

A 2000m² leisure complex in the heart of Rouen with
Trampoline Park, Laser game, Playground and Virtual Reality.

The doors of the SAS are opening… Equipped with your Laser pistol and your armor, challenge your friends in a futuristic multi-level maze.

Up to 50 players! 3 multi-level mazes! 100% FUN, 100% ADRENALINE, 100% LASER!

Joan of Arc Historial

joan of arc historial

Forget your bearings: the Historial Jeanne d’Arc is not a traditional museum with classic works or collectibles.

The performance trail specially created to introduce you to the epic of our heroine is a feat of technology and innovation at the service of emotion.

From the start of your visit, step into the darkness and watch the stone walls come to life.

Projections, screens, 3D mappings, the images will pass before your eyes and the witnesses of the time will guide you from room to room to make you live an unforgettable experience.

A spectacular place for the general public, the historial has a double ambition: to (re)discover the epic and the incredible destiny of Joan of Arc, but also to highlight her myth built over the centuries or how history and Men have integrated, memorized, interpreted and sometimes instrumentalized this universal character.

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Sweet tour in Rouen

The visit is organized around 3 typical pastries of the city of Rouen.

The objective is to meet the inventors of these pastries and to taste them to discover part of the gastronomic heritage of the city and the history that accompanies each sweet creation.

The visit is unique because the pastries are unknown by the Rouen residents and even more by passing tourists.
I always greet my travelers as if they were friends.

User-friendliness is an essential element for me.

In addition, to make the visit participatory, I offer games and I tell anecdotes about the heritage history of the city.

My goal is for every traveler to leave with a smile and satisfied taste buds.

In addition, I aspire that every tourist can experience positive emotions through the tasting of the pastries and my humor.

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Garden of plants (jardin des plantes)

garden of plantes rouen jardin des plantes with kids

To the south of the city, this garden is an ideal place for family walks.

Very popular, it also responds to a scientific vocation of conservation of plant species from the five continents. The central greenhouse, which dominates the perspective from its elevation, lightly bears its almost 170 years.

Listed in the Supplementary Inventory of Historic Monuments, it is home to arid environment plants, Mediterranean utility plants and even carnivorous plants.

In the aviaries, parakeets, parrots, Chinese quail, golden pheasants and other amazing birds compete in color with the surrounding flowers, while in freedom, peacocks, ducks, water turtles walk along the edge of the small canal.

The cultural and educational vocation of the park is in keeping with the visitors’ taste for relaxation.

Redesigned several times to meet the public’s leisure demands, the park nevertheless remains faithful to its primary mission as a botanical garden with its living collections and seed banks.

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Climbing in Rouen with kids


A 1700m² climbing loft in a resolutely industrial style on the banks of the Seine, a real place to live and share accessible to all.

This rehabilitated former maritime hangar has retained its soul with containers converted into a sauna, shop, or changing rooms.

Adult bouldering in two spaces, space dedicated to children for a voyage twenty thousand leagues under the sea on the back of a whale, chill corner, eco-responsible catering,

Le Shop Arkose corner and cultural programs by local artists. Arkose Rouen invites free spirits into the new climbing culture. A place open to all, family and kids in Rouen, climbers or not, for a moment of relaxation, sport, food and culture.

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I hope this article helps you to find the best activities in Rouen with kids.

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