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The 9 best places to see Street Art in Rouen

street art in rouen

We will talk about Street Art in Rouen. For several years, the city has been home to works of urban art. The 2016 edition of the “Rouen Impressionnée” contemporary art triennial has highlighted these existing works and completed the “collection” with 25 new frescoes, produced by the local and national scene and several world stars of art. urban art.

The City of Rouen wishing to sustain this dynamic, new achievements will soon enrich the street-art heritage on the territory.

Find on this space the various works of urban art present in the city, making Rouen a large format exhibition gallery.

The map below allows you to locate the different works.

To help you, the types of works you may encounter are:

  • tags (in the form of signatures whose calligraphy is sometimes even worked to the extreme, also called lettering),
  • graffiti (a drawing made with a spray can, marker or stencil),
  • frescoes (spray, brush, roller, stencil, etc. which can reach a large size).
  • collages (most often paper works)
  • stencils
  • stickers
  • urban diversions (using the existing as street furniture or wall textures)

The Street Art in Rouen : Artists Local

Rouen has seen the growth of many artists such as LKSIR, Dhoa, Méthod Graffic- Artist Cleaner, Padame, Ise, Gaspard Lieb, Liz Ponio, Fklt!, Madcow and Ecloz. Several collectives bring together local artists such as the collective Le Chevalet Noir.

The presence of these street artists also makes it possible to inspire personalities in the field, of national or international renown, to place their works on the walls of the streets of Rouen: Fred le Chevalier, Jef Aerosol or Mister P.

Must-see places street-art in Rouen

Street-art has the vocation of being able to be, at the same time everywhere, and very discreet at the same time. To admire the urban works of these artists, you have to look up, get lost in the small streets of the city center or go to the most famous “spots” of the Normandy capital.

All the works produced as part of Rouen impressed can now be found on the festival website. It includes the routes of the 2020 edition, virtual wanderings between the Saint-Sever and Grammont districts, but also some frescoes from the 2016 edition, created at Les Sapins or on that of Hangar 23.

The great value of street art lies in the fact that it is very often ephemeral. Every day, the streets are adorned with new works and others fade away, leaving beautiful memories for passers-by.

9 places to see street art in Rouen

To be able to find your way around in the middle of all these works that flourish between the Grammont and Saint-Sever district, here is a list and a map that references all the creations already present in the city.

First course:

The abstract fresco by Nelio, 1 rue des Platanes;
the pebble wall by Liz Ponio, 74 rue Jules-Adeline;
the colorful arcade of Blo, Passage de Hanover;
Ratur’s nymph, 94 rue Saint-Sever;
the optical effect of Roberto Ciredz, 26 rue Desseaux;
the woodcuts of Olivia Paroldi, 28 rue de Lessard;
the dreamlike world of Nubian, 15 boulevard de l’Europe;
the vignettes of the MSM collective on the MJC left bank, place de Hanover;
Savati’s monumental collages on the Blaise Pascal high school, rue de l’Abbé Lémire;

Second route:

the Bisous house of Nadège d’Auvergne, 56 rue Gaston-Contremoulins;
the mural by Roid on the former premises of France 3 Normandie, near the Saint-Sever metro station;
Jean Faucheur’s gaze on the abandoned houses, 1 rue Desmousseaux;
the 18th century jar by Manolo Mesa on the pavilion at 68 rue de Lessard;
the fresco on a five-storey facade by Fred Calmets, rue David-Ferrand;
the double anamorphosis of Elian Chali and his team on the houses at 3 and 7 rue des Desmousseaux.

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