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10 things to do in Rouen when it rains

rouen when it rains

The weather is not always good in Normandy. Visiting on a weekend in Normandy, make the most of your stay despite a few drops of rain in Rouen. Here are some ideas for outings to discover Rouen when it rains.

10 activities to do in Rouen when it rains

Eat a waffle at Ginette’s

This friendly place behind the cathedral offers beautiful sweet or savory waffles, whether for brunch or a snack, you are bound to find what you are looking for.

Challenge your friends at Rouen Bowling

To spend a friendly moment with family or friends, go bowling and perform your best Strike to impress your loved ones.

Rouen Bowling welcomes you every day from 2 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. at 130 rue de Constantine.

Go to Panorama XXL

Take a trip back in time with this extraordinary experience that will introduce you to Rouen in the 15th century. Wonder guaranteed at 76 meters above the ground.

Price :

Full price: €9.50
Reduced price: €6.50
“Tribu” price: €26 (4 people including 2 adult tickets and 2 young people under 18)

Go to Docks 76 , stroll through the shops

This shopping center near the Seine will allow you to satisfy your compulsive shopping desires while being protected from the rain. You can also enjoy the cinema located on the top floor.

Go to the Omnia cinema

In rainy weather what better than to escape from Rouen with a comedy or an action film. This cinema on rue de la République offers a wide selection of films that will satisfy young and old. And above all, for students, take advantage of it, the place is 4 euros!

Rack your brains during an Escape Game

If the rain keeps you from going out, at least try to get out of this room! Get Out ( 15 Rue Jacques Lelieur ), LU6.D Rouen ( 20 Rue Alsace Lorraine ) or even TEAM BREAK Rouen ( 32 Place Saint-Marc ) will offer you puzzles to solve with family or friends in a limited time.

Discover new games around a hot chocolate

Do you like to play board games, but are you tired of always playing the same ones? Take refuge in a gaming bar and let yourself be seduced by their selection while enjoying a hot chocolate.

The Avenjouers HQ – 18 rue Fossés Louis VIII

Stormwin Rouen – 21 rue Grand Pont

The Geekosphere – 56 Rue Saint Hilaire

Fill up on cuddles at the cat bar

If games are not your thing, and you prefer to relax with our animal friends, then push the door of DELI CAT at 70 rue Cauchoise . Hot drinks, desserts and dishes will be offered to you while these cats waiting to be adopted will come to beg you for caresses.

Learn about the history of the city by going to the Joan of Arc Museum

No need to specify the importance of Joan of Arc in the history of the city of Rouen, however if you want to know a little more about the character, then go to the Historial Joan of Arc. This museum is located at 7 rue Saint-Romain .

The rink

If you want to see where the Rouen Hockey Elite plays or where the French Cup takes place then head to the Île Lacroix ice rink . Get your skates and skate alone, with friends or family.

Full price : From €5.05 + skate rental: €
345 Reduced price : From €4 + skate rental: €
345 Child price : Free admission for children under 6 years old
Price under 18 years old : From €4 + skate rental: €345
Price under 25 : From €4 + skate rental: €
345 Student price : From €4 + skate rental: €
345 employment : From €4 + skate rental: €
345 Senior rate : From €4 + skate rental: €345

Now, you know 10 activities to do in Rouen when it rains.
So no more excuses to stay all day under the duvet…

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Where is Rouen, France?

Rouen is in Normandy and is the capital of Normandy.
Rouen is in the north of France and at 1h30 by train of Paris.
You can see specifically where is Rouen with the map:

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What to do in Rouen, France ?

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I know you want a quick answer so here are 5 reasons why you should come to Rouen:

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